Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WTF's Charlie Sheen....I thought we all knew how he is.....this whole married thing just doesn't sit with him too well, it seems. from gossip rocks:

With twins on the way, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller should be excitedly preparing for their boys' arrival. Instead, the newly married couple have been fighting relentlessly. In the Nov. 17 issue of Star — on sale Wednesday — we report that the notorious "reformed" playboy fled to Las Vegas on Oct. 25 to blow off steam — leaving his pregnant wife at home alone. And he certainly wasn't looking like a married man with twin sons on the way as he surrounded himself with pretty young women, partied with Spin City costar Michael Boatman at PrivĂ© and got lap dances at the strip club Spearmint Rhino.

"He's still carrying on and boozing," a source tells Star.

His weekend away from Brooke did more harm than good for his marriage. When she got wind of what Charlie was up to in Las Vegas, "she went off the deep end," says an insider. And upon his return to L.A. on Oct. 28, "the fighting picked up right where it left off."

Except this time Brooke upped the ante. She told her husband of only five months basically to shape up — or she's going to ship out. "She's expecting their sons, and she wants them to be one big happy family," says a source. "She's got the trump card, and they both know it."

For the full story — including Brooke's difficult pregnancy and how she thought she'd change Good-Time Charlie — pick up the new issue of Star.

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