Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is it just me....

Or does Lindsay Lohan just not look like herself? A little face work done maybe? Face work she shouldn't have done and now over the years she'll become less and less recognizable? You can tell who she is here:
What, no leggings, Lindsay? I thought you were high on those.

But do you recognize her here?

She barely looks like herself here. WTF Lindsay? And here's a pic with her main squeeze Sam, since they were at Pure on Friday night. Seems the only way girly can get any attention or keep the checks coming in anymore is to resort to whore herself out this way.

OK, Sam, we get it, you're not a guy. Quit it with the ugly face, unless, of course, you got snapped at a moment when you're trying to dig out that Lindsay pube stuck to your tooth with your tongue.

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