Monday, December 8, 2008


I think I need to repeat that....BONES ARE NOT PRETTY.....Bones are not supposed to poke out of your chest. I'm starting the Toss Rachel a Cheeseburger Fund. I'll force feed it to her and you can hold her down. Oh what the hell, I could hold her down with a knee and do it. DO NOT WANT.

In this snippet, we can see her slipping the only nutrient she has for a day, a grain of rice.


but then she probably spit it out, thinking it would make her fat. Are we supposed to actually believe her when she says she doesn't supply clients with diet drugs or clem? Really Rachel?

Goddamm, after looking at that, I need a cheeseburger smothered in gravy with a hit of cheesecake and pie. Mmmmmm.

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