Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't Hate!

It really is hard to hate on Heidi Klum, I've tried.  Want to, but then she makes sense.  Here's her secret to losing baby fat from digital spy:

Heidi Klum has claimed that losing baby weight is not difficult.

The supermodel, who gave birth to her fourth child in October, explained that looking after children helps people become slimmer.

Showbiz Spy quotes her as saying: "I eat healthily and stay active. I have four children that I am running after, I jump on the trampoline with them, run after them."

Meanwhile, speaking to Us Weekly, Klum explained that breastfeeding can also help.

"I never looked at breastfeeding in terms of, 'This is something that helps me'," she said. "Breastfeeding helps my child. The after effect: yes, you lose your weight in a normal manner. I think people blow it out of proportion."

She continued: "Everything gets made into so much drama about how a woman has her weight like before [she gave birth]. If you're living your life, not sitting on the couch... a woman will go back to how she looked before she was pregnant."

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