Monday, February 15, 2010

John Mayer P0rn?

Is porn in the cards next for John Mayer? From TMZ:

John Mayer's dirty mouth got him into a lot of trouble in the past week -- but it also may have gotten him a job ... with a porno company.

When he wasn't droppin' the N-bomb or comparing his dangle to a KKK member, John Mayer also said one other interesting thing in that Playboy interview -- that his "dream" is to write pornography.

Now, his dream could become a reality -- because XXX giant Vivid Entertainment wants to put Mayer to work ... stat! Vivid penned a letter to the blues singer offering him a gig as a writer and director for one of its upcoming nakey films.

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*How about for his first title, Your Body is a Sluttyland*

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