Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey Syclers! It's January 5 2010!

Get ready for the latest edition of $citards on Ice!  No really, a new book about the inner workings of $cientology is due out, you'll want to get a copy.  Just be sure to pay cash.

Here's a blind item for you:

BlindGossip – This famous actor and actress couple got married several years ago. Although it was a hastily-arranged secret wedding, you’ve probably seen a few good photos of the event. Well, guess who’s not really married? We mean legally.  While their wedding was a religious commitment ceremony and family party, they never got around to the actual marriage license part. Well, at least that should make their “divorce” easier.

Autism/vaccinations study deemed a fake.....suck it Jenny McCarthy

Does Eva Longoria have a new man?

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