Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spin Sycle Weekend Edition

Hey Syclers!  Enjoy your weekend!

The History Channel will not be airing their miniseries about the Kennedys after all.  Katie Holmes was a lousy choice to play Jackie Kennedy anyway.  Ha Ha.  Remember when the History Channel actually ran shows about history?

The Kardashian sisters are getting sued (ha ha)  for their rip off scam of a credit card  
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In the No1Curr category, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" has not been renewed for another season.  Because No1curr.  Ha ha.

It's good to know that the girls of Teen Mom are using the money they make from the show for substantial, worthy investments.  You know, like boob jobs

This is worthy of spelling out:  Shut the Fuck Up, Cameron Diaz

UPDATE:  I have a personal theory that maybe the guy who shot Rep. Giffords of Arizona did it to try to impress know, like the guy who shot Reagan did it to try to impress Jodie Foster because somehow I get the vibe that this guy has never been laid in his life.


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