Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spin Sycle for January 28 2011

Hey Syclers!  Are you having fun?

Playboy really needs an image makeover, get its style updated.  I think that Hef is old and busted and needs to bring in someone who would be younger to really uphold the Playboy image.  Charlie Sheen is the perfect guy to be a new spokesperson/image for the Playboy brand.  Think about it!  Charlie already does all the things Hef has done and could sell the Playboy lifestyle to not only the old fans but to the young guys easily, continuing Hef's legacy.  I'm not saying he should take over, but he would be the best to pick up and update the image as a spokesman/frontman for the enterprise.  He could quit his sitcom and do a late night series maybe on the Playboy channel, like Hef used to to...maybe host bands, poets, interview actors and politicans all with naked/scantily clad women around.  I'd watch that!  It's a good idea!  Somebody make this happen and pay me for the idea!

Pot, meet kettle  (Jenna vs. Chelsea)

Rupert Grint to change his haircolor?  Don't do it!!  It's what makes you unique and special!

Will Gayle King be pushed aside?

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