Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kind of Drepressing

Considering Britney Spears used to be a world class dancer then lost her confidence.  Here's a comparison of what I mean, starting with the original version of Dance Til The World Ends where she pretty much just bounces up and down:

There's not much to this, nothing complicated, they even have Britney pretty well covered up.  Let's compare this to Slave 4 U which was much hotter:

and maybe one of her best videos, Stronger:

and of course Oops I did It Again:

Basically, her choices have been really bad.  She should not have gotten married and had children when she did.  She really should have waited til about now, when the timing would have been much better for her career.  I don't know that she'll ever make it back to the top where she was, there are too many contenders now.  Sorry Britney, you fucked up.

I'll leave you with Overprotected:

and Toxc:

You can see what's happening, the same formula and ideas are being rehashed from her earlier work in the hopes of regaining Britney's glory and top spot in the world of pop.  Is it too late?

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