Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spin Sycle for Friday, October 28 2011

Hey Syclers!  Bear with me, I'm battling a sort of depressive episode....But here's what's up:

Alcohol killed Amy Winehouse.  There's no way to sugar coat it, she drank herself to death.

Patrice ONeal, a very funny guy, has suffered a stroke.  Please heal, man.  Please come back to us, we need your funny.

Michael Lohan is still a crapbag who wants to say that Lindsay is doing meth.  What you on, buddy?

Speaking of douchebags, Sean Parker is a total asshat after all.

From the Panache Report, the era of legendary Playboy parties is officially over.  Any fool with $1000 can now go party there.  Hef must be really hard up:

The days of parties at the Playboy Mansion exclusively reserved for the celebrity set are over. 
For $1,000 dollars, non-celebs who've been curious about Playboy's legendary parties can party at the Mansion's 5th Annual "Kandy Halloween Bash," on Oct. 28 and 29 in Los Angeles.
Join 1,000 Playboy Bunnies on 5.3 acres of haunted forest and be among the select 600 revelers to get inside.

Charlie Sheen wins, shall return to television with the show "Anger Management".  Yes, it is based on the movie.

Just because, here's Father Guido Sarducci on the secret of life:

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