Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spin Sycle for Thursday October 6 2011

Sad day, Syclers, I know some of you are Apple fans out there

Steve Jobs has died.  Apple loses a legend.

Kristen Stewart really is dating Footface   Image: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

It's about time The Simpsons ended anyway.

Leonard Nimoy says goodbye to Star Trek conventions

OK! wants you to believe that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant

And a couple of blind items for you:
[CDAN] This one is painful to write. It happens all the time though so I guess should not be surprised. This couple seems like they have the perfect marriage. Everything is always so great to the outside world, but inside, the couple is having some serious issues. Our actor is very good looking. B- list. Does television and movies and modeling. Always a smile on the face. Our actress does a little bit of everything. She actually has a chance at some point of pulling off an EGOT. They are married and have child/ren, however, our actor has been sleeping with a production assistant on his show and his wife has no clue. This would absolutely crush her and will make huge headlines if this comes out, no so much because of the level of their fame, but just because of the perfect couple image that is always presented to the world.

[BuzzFoto] This older actress who was really popular on film ten years ago, is married with children and living a healthy life. About six years ago things were different. The actress joined a new-age group, got pregnant by the group leader andhad a dangerous ab*rtion that almost cost her life. It has prevented her from having children but she was so upset over the incident, she faked at least one of her pregnancies to her extended family.

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