Monday, November 14, 2011

Spin Sycle for Tuesday November 15 2011

I'm not ready for Thanksgiving, Syclers!!

Jessie James cheated? Color me SHOCKED

Too late, Rihanna, too late.

Blind item:  [CDAN] This Twilight actress is telling friends she is pregnant and desperately trying to hide it for a few more weeks.

How Mad Men will end

Pam Anderson to play the virgin mary.  I know, I lol'd too

Pink wants lots more children.  I can't even get out one.

Here's some dish on Demi Lavato and Justin Beiber.  Yes, it's actually interesting

So Jessica Simpson's pregnant but why isn't she getting married now?

That's what's up Syclers!  I"m gonna go order me some night stands.

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