Friday, November 18, 2011

Spin Sycle: OWS Edition

I've thought about this for a little while, Syclers and this is the support that I offer for OWS.  These three videos I picked out carefully. You're having too many kneejerk reactions to police and media.  Slow it down and think things through more.  You'll get more support if you use your heads not your fists.  Make people listen but speaking softly and thoughtfully. Listen closely.

If you really really want media attention to come to you and really want the center spot of news, you need to do a hunger strike.  This gets your point out a lot faster and is more poignant with your message of social injustice and economic inequality.  Plus it will add a massive guilt factor.

Do you understand?  Put more punch into your message and stop with the violent outbursts.  Show that you mean it.  finally, This:  beware of the cult of personality.  You may need to unlearn what you've learned.  Think instead.

I hope you understand what I'm telling you and listen.  Good luck to you with your endeavors.  I support your right to peaceful assembly.

Oh yes, before I forget:  Monkey Crotch, monkey crotch, Jesus Christ, MONKEY CROTCH

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