Monday, February 27, 2012

Spin Sycle for the Day After the Oscars Ceremony 2012

I'm enjoying cafe au lait and some cinnamon toast this morning, Syclers!  What are you doing?

Enjoy Madonna's latest "Girl Gone Wild"  It's better than Gimme All Your Lovin

In case you missed it last night, here's the listing of all the winners.  Frankly, Billy Crystal was a huge snooze.  to be honest, Viola Davis should win an Oscar for a better role.

Here are Vogue's best dressed at the Oscars and they missed a few fabulous people

And here's a slideshow if you prefer

Glenn Close looked flawless

Sandra Bullock was total class

Goddess Milla Jovovich


In other non-Oscar news, meet Swedish Princess Estelle

Lucy Lawless (XENA!) was arrested in New Zealand

Teen mom Amber Portwood moves in with her grandparents

I know you're dying for the blind items, so here is one:
[BlindGossip] It must be difficult sitting there in front of billions of people waiting for your name to be called. It must be even more difficult when it isn’t. This actress did a good job pretending to be happy for the winner of this award last night, but behind the scenes was a different story.

She was seen in a corner of the bathroom being consoled by a friend for her loss. While she was not wailing or screaming in a dramatic fashion, there were definitely some tears and some nose blowing going on. One of them was also saying, “It’s not fair… it’s not fair!” although we honestly don’t know if those words were uttered by the actress or the friend who was helping her. The good news is that she did manage to pull it together enough to attend more than one party during the evening… plus there’s always next year.

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