Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spin Sycle for Thursday March 8 2012

Hey Syclers!!

Have a listen to Madonna's new album, MDNA

In Whitney Houston's will, daughter Bobbi Kristina gets everything.  Don't stick it all up your nose, kid

If you care, Ashley Olsen has quit acting

Aaaand some more fuel for the Will Smith gay rumors

Here's a blind item to keep you going thru the day:

[BlindGossip] In a case where one half of a couple makes substantially more than the other, who pays for the ring? Well, in the case of these three engaged couples where the woman has the bigger paycheck, it certainly wasn’t the future groom.
The first couple went directly to the jeweler and cut a deal for a very impressive diamond sparkler. They worked out an arrangement where the couple agreed to make x number of mentions of the jeweler in the press for a 50% discount. Then the female half of the couple paid the balance in cash.
The second couple tried harder than anyone to try to talk multiple jewelers into a free ring. When no one would agree to the freebie, she simply turned to her future fiance and said, “Here’s the money. You know what I like. Now, go get me the biggest f*cking diamond you can.”
The third couple knew ahead of time that they were getting engaged, and she knew exactly what she wanted. Because she likes to control everything, she picked out the ring in a secret private buying session with the jeweler, where they settled on a price. Then she later gave the money to the boyfriend, who went to the store to pay for the ring. Of course she pretended that she had no idea that there was a ring coming, that she was thrilled with her fiance’s taste, and that she was so impressed that he paid for the ring himself.
So, when you see those shining baubles on the ring fingers of these lucky stars, you now know that in all three cases, the future groom didn’t have to lay out his own cash… but that he still gets to look like he’s a generous man with good taste.


Anonymous said...

Let's see... any of these could be Jennifer Aniston? Mariah Carey? Natalie Portman?


SpiN said...

One of them just HAS to be Jessica Simpson