Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spin Sycle for Wednesday, March 21 2012

Having a great Spring so far, Syclers?  You know what Spring leads to, right?  No, all that spring cleaning!  What were you thinking?

The Duggars drag out their big bag o' propoganda

Kim Zolciak is pregnant again.  yawn

Some other bitch is pregnant again too

Is Katy Perry pressed?

Peyton Manning is in, Tim Tebow is out.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Ha Ha Guy -  U mad?

Tell me that this photo does not look WEIRD like the Snake Queen swallowed a goat

Here's Beyonce post baby weight

Kirk Cameron just cannot, for the life of him, understand all the hate.  poor thing.

Omar Shaif Jr.  is gay and half Jewish.  Your move, Egypt

Chow Down (at Chik-fil-A)

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