Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend Edition Spin Sycle

hey Syclers, what's up?

Here's the real reason that Brooke Mueller lost custody of her babies with Charlie Sheen

Jeff Hanneman killed by a spider.

Lindsay Lohan in rehab, how long will this last?

and here's a blind item for you:

[Blind Gossip] So there’s a rumor going around that they are planning a wedding. We have just two words to describe this:
Holy. Sh*t.
You know that every event in this family’s life is plotted and planned and choreographed and filmed and packaged and sold, right? There is absolutely nothing spontaneous about any major life event. To even think that the family would not plan and capitalize on the engagement process is ridiculous.
After all, engagements are all about romance and rings and proposals and announcements and parties and publicity and endorsements! The family has absolutely no interest in skipping over that major life event and going straight to a wedding with no gifts and no press and no camera crews and no hoopla.
We found out that someone has gone way off the reservation, and the family is frantic! There are lots of negotiations and contract renegotiations and arguments and attempts at manipulation and blackmail going on right now. The family’s attempts to contain and control the source are actually backfiring on them. It’s quite the mess, and if all the parties can’t start playing nice together, this fake marriage is going to be an even bigger fiasco than the last one.

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