Friday, July 7, 2006

hard to believe she really was once just an attorney


Before They Were Unbearable Fame Whores: Starlet Jones, Attorney-At-Law

It's easy to forget, in all the controversy surrounding her recent dismissal from The View, that the almost impossibly glamorous Star Jones was once Starlet Jones, a highly principled and sober assistant D.A from Brooklyn. Delivering trenchant legal analysis to CourtTV audiences in a wardrobe limited to sensible leprechaunwear, the Starlet in this unearthed 1991 video seems worlds away from the rampaging couch diva and insufferable red carpet celebrity suck-ass we've come to know and loathe over the years. We'd go on about how this is a cautionary tale of what becomes a high moral character when egos and greed are driven to excess, but damn it if she doesn't look a zillion times better after she spent some of her millions on stomach removal surgery, a breast lift, and some chi chi designer duds.

Celebrity 1, Integrity 0.

Star Jones: A View Before 'The View' []

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