Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Lindsey Blohan didn't go outside the States for her birthday!

I figured she was full of shit when she said she was going to those islands...who advertises a "private" b-day party? Oh yeah and nice Nicole Kidman touch with the beer.


from ONTD:

Ms. Lohan celebrated her 20th birthday at the Osbourne clan's Malibu pad . It looks like the door at Hyde or Privilege last night with all the cool Hollywood kids in attendence and some others like Ivanka Trump (why?), Nicole Richie (of course), and Jamie Lynn Sigler (who cares).

As the night wore on, Lindsay sent out some beer for the photographers. Someone must have brought the brews into the party not realizing the girl's only 20 and can't consume alcoholic beverages!

She must have decided that rather than throw it out, she's put it to good use. Don't worry Lindsay, only one more year and you'll taste the forbidden fruit! And check out that ugly gift bag!

x17online.com has the video source:X17online.com

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