Saturday, July 15, 2006

Madonna supposedly not ditching Kabbalah just yet

off of MSN news:

Madonna's Kabbalah Controversy

Is Madonna planning to follow in the often-bare footsteps of Britney "My Baby Is My Religion" Spears by ditching Kabbalah? That's the claim being made by the London Independent, which says the proselytizing pop icon could soon "cut ties" with the mystical spin-off of Judaism.

"Close friends" of the erstwhile Esther tell the paper that she's supposedly grown disenchanted with the religion due to the "financial burden" (those evil eye-repelling red string bracelets aren't free, you know) and the effect her fervent faith has had on her union to Guy Ritchie (they have denied talk of trouble).

Madonna, whose current "Confessions" tour features her getting sacriliciously crucified on a massive mirrored cross, has reportedly donated millions to the sect, not including the mountain of moolah she's shelled out for countless bottles of Kabbalah water. The paper also believes she's worried the religion, which also counts Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher among its famous followers, "separates her children from more conventional customs such as Christmas."

Still, the Scientologists should hold off on those emergency recruitment strategy sessions. Madonna's rep tells MSN Entertainment that the renouncement rumor is "not true."

Besides, the Big M's devotion seems as strong as ever. On Friday, Madonna and kids Lourdes and Rocco were spotted exiting the Kabbalah Centre in Manhattan, and the week before, the entire family attended evening services, according to the New York Daily News, which adds that when the touchy-feely Ritchies returned the following day, the sometime filmmaker talked up his in-the-works documentary on the religion.

"As corny as it sounds," Madonna told Rolling Stone last year, "if I didn't have some kind of spiritual belief system, if I couldn't find a way to make sense out of the chaos in the world around me -- not my personal chaos, but the chaos in the world -- I would be a very depressed person."

In related news, will Madonna, who turned Britney onto Kabbalah right around the time they tongue-wrestled onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003, attempt to top that titillating moment by getting steamy with another dewy would-be disciple?

The tabloid-tastic London Sun alleges she's in "secret talks" with newly minted pal Lindsay Lohan, who has lately been sporting a red string bracelet (and whom Madonna has purportedly rechristened Rose), to do a "bondage scene" at the forthcoming music video ceremony. She's also apparently hoping to land Jessica Simpson, whose new single, "A Public Affair," has drawn more than a few comparisons to her long-ago hit "Holiday."

"Madonna's people contacted Jessica's representatives a few weeks ago and the talks are progressing well," a mole tells the paper. "With both Jessica and Lindsay's stock rocketing Madonna thinks they would be perfect to perform with. She's planning something even more sexy than a lesbian kiss. The whispers are all about a bondage-inspired show. Madonna will keep the details hushed up until the night."

But don't say "oy vey" just yet over the thought of Lindsay and Jessica tied up onstage. Madonna's mouthpiece tells us the report is untrue.

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