Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh my!

courtesy of the National Enquirer:

Published on: 07/13/2006



Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are being torn apart over how to handle the growing controversy and lies surrounding their baby daughter Suri.

Suri has not made a single public appearance despite Tom's couchjumping joy over his new life, and now he and Katie are locking horns behind closed doors over the bizarre rumors and controversy circulating about their precious daughter. Since Suri's arrival April 18, Tom and Katie have refused to allow neither the public nor their friends even a glimpse of her.

With no photos released — and no other visual proof to the outside world of her existence — a bizarre web of speculation has sprung up about just what's going on in the nursery behind the heavily guarded gates at Camp Cruise.

"It's been three months," a Hollywood insider told The ENQUIRER." People are starting to scratch their heads now over Tom and Katie's baby because now it is really starting to look weird.

Tom's spokesman denies the couple's relationship is strained, but sources say the strain of keeping baby Suri under wraps is taking a toll on Tom and Katie's relationship and that they have split over how to deal with the situation. "Tom's total obsession with secrecy has sparked a host of bizarre lies and fabrications that threaten to tear the couple apart," continued the source.

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