Monday, August 28, 2006

That's what happens...

When you ride the wildness of My Little Pony Parker.... He musta had her saddled up and she got spooked and threw him. But he probably gave her a carrot after to calm her down so she'd go back into the stall...


off of TMZ:

Broderick Injured on a Horse -- Of Course Of Course

Posted Aug 28th 2006 1:09PM by TMZ StaffFiled under: Paparazzi Photo, Wacky and Weird
Matthew Broderick suffered a broken collar bone after falling off a horse.

The mishap occurred Sunday while the "Ferris Bueller" star was horseback riding at his holiday home in the UK. Broderick was treated at Sligo General Hospital Monday, accompanied by his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Broderick was treated and released. The actor's publicist told TMZ "Matthew is in a little pain but is fine."

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