Friday, September 1, 2006

Oprah vs. Angelina

Seems Angelina can hold quite a grudge.


off of Digital Spy:

Jolie turns down Oprah charity request
Friday, September 1 2006, 16:50 BST - by Susanna Regan

Angelina Jolie has allegedly rebuffed a request from Oprah Winfrey to support her charity work in Africa.The American talk show host is currently helping to establish a new school for promising girls on the continent and reportedly wanted Jolie to participate in the project but the Tomb Raider actress turned her down.

An insider told Star magazine “Oprah thought Angelina would jump at the chance because she knows how much Angelina loves Africa. Oprah says it’s the last time she’ll ask Angelina to help with any of her causes.”

Another source revealed: “Angelina has never forgiven Oprah for siding with Jennifer Aniston after Brad Pitt split from Jen."

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