Friday, September 1, 2006

But where are the pictures?

or is C of $ paying them off too?


from the National Enquirer:

FIRST PHOTOS OF TOM & KATIE'S BABY!The National Enquirer has gotten the first look at Baby Suri!

The ENQUIRER viewed photographs of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes newborn.

The baby has a mop of dark hair and strongly resembles Katie. No resemblance to Tom is immediately apparent. Suri has Katie's nose and eyes but her most distinguishing feature is a head full of dark brown hair. The hair is straight with no curls and extremely thick. In fact, she has so much hair it is combed behind her ears and well down the back of her neck!

She has tiny heart-shaped lips and short eyelashes with round cheeks. The ENQUIRER is the first media outlet to see baby Suri and can report that Vanity Fair's upcoming photo feature contains pictures of the baby sleeping while nestled against Tom's neck and shoulder as he sleeps.

Another photo shows her laying in bed with Tom and Katie, smiling as Tom plays with her and Katie has a wide grin. In yet another photo, the baby is being held up outdoors, wearing a white short-sleeved dress. Her skin tone strongly resembles Katie's.

Published on: 09/01/2006

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