Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bitch knows he's broke....

Sleezebags always do this when the wife kicks them out & cuts them off....DON'T CAVE BRIT!!!

He just wants the $$$!!! He's hurtin, don't let him back!


off of ONTD:

Kevin Federline wants Britney Spears back, a report claims. It appears that the fledgling rapper has realized that he has made a tragic mistake and wishes to reunite with his newly slimmed down soon to be ex-wife and is desperate to get Britney back.

Britney is reportedly home in Louisiana right now and Federline is on some sort of tour. Nonetheless K-Fed is said to be willing to "do anything" to get Britney back. A report from AZ Central cites Britain's Grazia magazine who claims that a source says:"Kevin spent last week begging Britney to take him back. Kevin is stunned and he's been crying. He said he would do anything to get Britney back. He knows he's nothing if he doesn't have her in his life and realizes he has made a major mistake."

The source added: "He sent flowers and chocolates to Britney, but she asked an assistant to put them somewhere where she wouldn't have to look at them. He's also left voice messages, singing her love poems, but Britney hasn't replied."K-Fed is going traditional - according to the item - including singing her love poems and sending flowers. However, reportedly Britney is scrubbing the house of anything Federline.

The source said: "Britney says one of the perks of their break-up is getting her beautiful house back. His stuff was always messing everything up, littering the house with CDs, ashtrays, nicotine-smelling clothes and men's magazines. "It has all been taken away now, there is no sign he ever lived there."

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