Friday, November 17, 2006

TomKat wedding

I hope everyone realizes that this isn't a wedding, it's a business transaction. C'mon, even Oprah didn't buy Tom's crazy couch jumping on her show (see Little wonder she wasn't invited to the wedding. This is a fulfillment of whatever contract Katie and Tom have....start the clock for the five year countdown! As others have speculated, Tom is a master at PR and media manipulation, let's look at a few of the guests: Brooke Shields, for one....she is probably the only other person who knows the truth about Suri's birth, so it's smart to have her at the wedding. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett along with Posh and Becks....have a couple of non-$cietologists in the mix to make it look like you have "friends" outside your Cof$ group...Will and Jada also saw Suri shortly after her "birth" so of course they will be there as well as anyone else who saw Suri shortly after she was born/hatched. And of course Suri is deliberatly being paraded around, don't be fooled. It would be so easy to have a nanny hold her and keep her out of the public eye.

Think of hte message here! TC: I'm still large & incharge, I'm running my own movie studio now, about to get married (again) and have the fam all together! Which brings me to another question: Where are his adopted children with Nicole? Not as important any more, are they? This is an unfortunate trend with men marrying again...children from the previous marriage(s) tend to get neglected, since Daddy is all wrapped up with his new life.

Let's also consider their lame attempt at trying to appease Kate's parents with a Catholic wedding by "forgetting" to fill out the proper paperwork in that Italian town. Oh oops, we didn't get it right, so TC the control freak gets to have his way with having another Cof$ ceremony (After all, this is his THIRD marriage. Why can't you stay married Tom? Hiding much?). It's all too well orchestrated, like a movie script, almost. Like their entire media-soaked relationship has been a huge movie script to follow! I say that Suri was an IVF baby because of TC being too paranoid (and GAY) to touch a woman.

But whatever. We'll all watch the media circus that Tom has carefully put together for us to gawk at. I'm not even going to go into what I think of the "traditional" Cof$ wedding vows. Misogynistic and frankly stupid.

But Tom thrives on media frenzy and Kate is stuck. I wonder if the split up will be just as public?

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