Friday, November 17, 2006


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Fashion: Impossible

Remember last week when we revealed that Kate Moss (half of the duo that are more 'George and Mildred' than 'Sid and Nancy') was accepting Alexander McQueen's gracious offer to design her wedding dress?

It would seem that Katie Holmes, eager to marry her in-no-way mentalist partner, has similar ideas, floating the idea to all and sundry that Chanel would be her ideal choice for a dress design in which to float up the chapel aisle, or maybe the ramp to the spaceship.

Unfortunately, Karl Lagerfeld has other ideas and is performing the business equivalent of closing the curtains, turning the lights and music off and sitting with his fingers in his ears whispering "I can't see you, I can't hear you."

Katie has famously developed cold sores since her relationship with the diminutive dead-eyed film star, though it now appears that she also has a problem with facial hair. Well, in the last year she has appeared in public sporting a rather small but very obvious beard...


Well, here's one pic (above) I found where she does seem to be sportin a cold sore on her upper lip from about a year ago... it is pretty small as far as the photo goes....

And then there are these!

Did TC give her herpes and then tell her she could never leave him cuz no one else would ever want her?

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