Monday, December 31, 2007

From the Panache Report:



There is currently a secretive network of men in black Hollywood who congregate discreetly for pedophilia events.

There have always been rumors surrounding a black male star. Allegedly, an up and coming star (teenager) at the time idolized him. When a meeting was arranged and they were left alone, allegedly, the teenager was sexually molested by this man.

Afterwards, he stopped referring to him as his idol.

*Spin's guess: Usher & MJ maybe?*

Rumors have always persisted that a former NFL star (you don't have to follow football to know who he is) is a major pedophile. He even belongs to pedophile chat groups and he operates online with an untraceable offshore IP.

*Spin's heard Deion Sanders but why does O.J spring to mind? Lynn Swann maybe?*

The men who belong to this rich and famous network are protected by other powerbrokers involved in this organization. Mainly, powerful lawyers, judges, etc. They look after their own and have the power to have a case drag out or disappear altogether because they don't want the defendant to take a plea deal and reveal their identities. Many of the men are powerful millionaires.

*Spin has no idea, NAMBLA?*

A former basketball star had to pay off the family of a underage girl because they threatened to go public when they found out about the relationship. The girl was 15, the basketball star at the time, was in his 30's.

*Could be anybody, Jason Kidd?*

Some of these men hide away children they purchase in overseas countries. They bring them over here for sex slave activity.

A prominent lawyer was busted some years ago when it was discovered he had purchased two underage boys overseas on the pipeline (black market) and smuggled them back into the U.S. His co-workers were not even aware that the young boys lived with him. One of the boys escaped his home while he was at work and notified the cops.

*Spin's guess: Johnny Cochran?*

It was once featured on AMW that a young black man appeared on his sister's doorstep, asking for help, he had just got laid off. Unbeknownst to her, he was a member of NAMBLA (North American Man Love Boy Association). While she was at work, he was pimping out her 12-year-old son (his nephew) to other NAMBLA pedophiles who lived in the area for quick cash.

*Don't know, R. Kelly?*

In regards to pedophiles in the music industry, record companies have so much invested in their talent that they look the other way and a few media outlets have been known to accept under the table payment "not" to report on their sickness or to spin it when the truth leaks out.

*Spin's guess: R. Kelly*

A black powerbroker music mogul was never a hit with the models and call girls in the sack. Word got back to him and he decided to act on his gay tendencies. After we reported on his love shack in L.A., he sold the property and does business from New York. He is the ringleader for the downlow events among black entertainers, he organizes all of the events and functions. He also loves to sleep with young muscular men.

*Spin has heard Dr Dre*

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