Saturday, January 5, 2008

The very latest on Britgate....

And I might not post about her again unless it's really huge (I realize how that sounds & it sounds bad but it's not meant that way).....just because it's all so surreal and crazy. I mean, it's not like Brit's the only big star in the universe, others have learned how to cope and not go insane (that we know of)....she could learn some lessons on how to get along (and I'm not saying i'm fans of these other celebs but clearly they deal with celebrity far better than Brit): the Osmonds....they feed the public doses of what they want to be seen; team Cruise, not fond of him but he does manage his celebrity or rather the C of $ manages it for him(no, i'm not saying she should sign up for C of $...don't be silly); Madonna...c'mon, she has been absolutly HUGE and has a good team of security to help her deal; Brangelina....Gwen stefani....Xtina.....there are so many who do better. It's just hard to feel sympathy for Brit when she could clearly have better security and peace of mind and for some reason refuses to use the resources. Anyway, here's what's up from C-PWN & PageSix:

After returning home from the hospital earlier this morning, Britney Spears is back on the road.

Just eight minutes ago, the brokendown pop wreck left her Beverly Hills mansion in her white Mercedes, saw photographers and turned in the other direction.

Currently, she's driving aimlessly near her house.

Meanwhile, media eyes spotted her father Jamie Spears leaving his daughter's gated community shortly after she left. Kevin Federline hasn't left his house all day and is still holed up with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Stay tuned...


Britney has already been released from the hospital on Saturday morning. According to TMZ she was throwing a tantrum on the 7th floor demanding to be released. She was reportedly screaming at staff and would not stay still even pulling her IV out. There is a rumor that the troubled star suffers from bipolar disorder

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