Saturday, January 5, 2008

And in other Spears news...

from the Daily Mail:

Jamie Lynn Spears' TV show 'cancelled' after teen pregnancy

Britney Spears's pregnant sister Jamie Lynn Spears' hit TV show Zoey 101 has reportedly been cancelled.

The Nickelodeon show is set to broadcast its final episode of the third season in the U.S. on Friday and has already completed filming on the fourth.

News of the programme's demise comes two weeks after 16-year-old Jamie Lynn revealed she was pregnant with her first child.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge

Teenage parents: Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge will become parents in the summer

While Nickelodeon are yet to release a follow-up statement regarding the future of the show, sources told The Sun the end is nigh.

An insider says, "Nickelodeon bosses are still undecided whether to air season four or not.

"For now it looks like it has been canned."

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