Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

I just saw this movie today, just got back and here is Spin's Official review (WARNING, spoilers):

Save your money and rent the DVD. I was very disappointed. Like other reviews have pointed out, the CGI for the Hulk itself and the abomination were just too cartoony, more realism would have been better.

All of the cast gave a great performance, except Ed Norton. His delivery was just plain flat and he never convinced me that he was, in fact, Bruce Banner. Everyone else was quite good. With Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, she played a great love interest, although there were times when Betty had quiet moment with Bruce or the Hulk, where I thought she was going to start speaking Elvish. Tim Roth, I love him so. I was so glad to see him in an action film. He never disappoints me.

The story was not outstanding and even the fight scenes were boring. It was very predictable and lackluster. Many parts just seem too dragged out. I could not connect with any of the characters in the story.

Things that bothered me about the plot: 1) If everyone who fired at Bruce while he was the Hulk figured out that their bullets and bombs didn't work on him, why did they keep firing? Why not wait until he's no longer the Hulk and kill him then? 2) Why is it that when Betty and Bruce were trying to figure out how to get away without being tracked, they talked about how they couldn't use the credit cards. Um, yes you could, but only'd have to hit an ATM and take out all the money. Then it's cash only after that, duh. 3) What the hell happened to the abomination after the ending fight? That was left waaaay too open.

It's not worth paying the extra money just to see it on the big screen I recommend waiting to watch it on DVD. Or on the net for free, if you know how. It's boring, not nearly entertaining as I would like. It certainly didn't leave me with the feeling of "WOW" as I watched it. I couldn't wait for it to end. It was a nice breath of air at the end though, where the general is at the bar drinking and Tony Stark makes his appearance. Yes, everything is being set up to get S.H.I.E.L.D. put together. And, unlike Iron Man, there is no clip at the very very end, after all the credits, so don't bother staying. Your treat is Tony Stark coming into the bar to talk to the general.

The Incredible Hulk isn't so incredible and gets a frowny face. :(

One extra note from the LA times:

The character: Mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner, who turns into the eponymous muscle-bound, green-hued monster in Marvel's new $150-million adaptation of its beloved comic book character.

Stickler for details: During the last four months, Norton and director Louis Leterrier lobbied for a longer, nuanced film with more in-depth exposition while the studio has stood firm, insisting on traditional slam-bang, action-movie pacing and ultimately refusing Norton the power of final cut.

Back story: The actor-writer hasn't done much to promote "Hulk" outside of issuing a terse 257-word statement to Entertainment Weekly. It recasts the so-called "dispute" between Marvel/Universal and himself and Leterrier as a media misrepresentation that's really a "collaboration" in which the principal parties have simply agreed to disagree. Thanks for clarifying, Ed.

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