Thursday, June 12, 2008

weird dream!

My brain took a huge, massive crap last night (since that's what dreams have to be, your brain taking a dump). Because hollywood is desperate for storylines, just to protect both of us (I know hollywood doesn't read this site but just in case), if this ends up in a screenplay or movie, I will sue!! ^_^

So the dream was this:

I got a job looking after this enormous, beautiful tudor style mansion at night. It seemed like a sorority house, with a lot of young female residents. It was grey stone, the estate was huge, green and lush, it had one of those large circular driveways. The entryway doors were enormous and of heavy wood. There was stained glass to greet you.

The pay was pretty good and just looking after a house at night seemed easy work, so I took it.

Of course, things can't be as they seem after dark and the weirdness in my dream starts when night falls and all the residents have gone to bed. There were three bizarre mutant creatures that would come out and they were not friendly. I had to fight them or try to get away and hide because they could be killed. Not they there was a rule to not kill them, more like, they don't die. They just come back and try to kill you again.

So after a few crazy nights of fighting these things and being totally exhausted, I have to ask somebody what the deal is. I get invited to some sort of initiation ceremony. There's a huge marble circular setup behind the house, with a podium and carved marble thrones that make up the circle. The girls sit in these.

I get told to walk around the circle on the outside and when I finally reach the top of the circle where the podium is, with the lead girl's seat, I am told to slit her throat by this man in a black suit who is supposed to conduct this ceremony. I say "what?" because I'm not going to do that.

He tells me that the girls choose to be there, they are not forced. It is an honor for this girl to be killed as a sacrifice for the mutant things. The other girls get raped by the things, this is how they reproduce. Just to be sure, I ask if the girls really are by there because they want to be and after he says yes, I decide that I'm leaving, it's all just too weird. It's not a sorority but some kind of cult. I walk through the house, disguising my intentions to leave, like maybe I'm just trying to get to the bathroom.

It starts raining outside and i call my husband to come get me, please hurry. I try not to have a mental breakdown, I have to keep it together to get out. I finally reach the entryway and get outside to meet him. There are a few girls out there smoking and laughing. When they finish smoking, they go back in. I'm not going to try to save anybody, I figure fuck it, they can choose to leave. finally my husband pulls up and I jump into the car telling him to drive away fast but don't draw attention. Of course, he wants to ask what is going on, so I tell him, all while going through my purse and my clothes to make sure I don't have anything on me to track me.

Then I wake up.

My brain took a huge dump last night.

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