Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well, duh!

All teens seem to think that a real relationship and even marriage is all lollipops and puppy dogs....They can't understand that it's work, a lot of commitment involved from both sides and a lot of learning to understand and compromise. So of course, Jamie Lynn and her man are fighting. Of course, he wants to get away. Of course, it is eventually doomed to fail unless there is a miraculous realization and growing up an both their parts. When one is so young, maturity hasn't had a chance to blossom yet:

By Ree Hines
MSNBC contributor
updated 9:34 p.m. CT, Wed., June. 11, 2008

It looks like the pre-baby wedding bells won’t ring for Jamie Lynn Spears and boyfriend Casey Aldridge. According to Star, the teenage parents-to-be are having such a hard time getting along, they may never wed.

“Jamie Lynn and Casey have been fighting non-stop about everything, from what to name the baby to what to eat for dinner,” a source told the magazine. “And now she's called off their wedding plans.”

Though the couple allegedly bought a house earlier this month, another Star source calls the “Zoey 101” star’s relationship with Casey “in and out,” and claims Jamie Lynn’s packed up and moved back into the Spears’ family home.

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