Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OMG, David Spade is gonna be a daddy!

WTF is up with hollyweird? Did something get slipped into the water supply? All these celebs are popping out babies, getting pregnant, getting somebody pregnant....what the hell?? It seems David Spade spilled some seed during a one night stand but at least he's willing to own up to it.

Is it just me or does this chick resemble David? Will the baby then just be a little david clone? Did David imagine doing himself when he was with her? Ew, I'm making myself want to puke now. David's baby is going ot be a girl, does that make it more creepy?

From CDAN:

First of all I have a tough time swallowing that David Spade actually has sex with women. More correctly I should say I have a tough time saying that women are allowing David Spade to have sex with them, and apparently unprotected sex at that. Former Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace confirmed she is having David Spade's baby. David who basically had a one night stand with Jillian has been reluctant to confirm he is the father and I can see why.

Anyone who has sex with David Spade will obviously have sex with just about anyone and therefore if I were Spade I would be cautious. That, combined with the fact that he probably didn't even know what to do when he was given the opportunity to have sex makes this that much more surprising.

According to In Touch, the pair don't even speak to each other but are trying to come to some type of child support agreement before the baby is born in late summer. In case you were curious or just love traffic accidents, Spade is 43 and Jillian is 22. Jillian is expecting a daughter.

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