Sunday, September 20, 2009

Split coming?

Frankly it wouldn't surprise of the things I learned in class in college is that there are two things about guaranteed to break up a marriage no matter how strong you think it is: Rape and the death of a child. For John Travolta and Kelly Preston, I'm sure that's being put to the test. from digitalspy:

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have denied speculation that they are facing trouble in their marriage.

Sources recently told US tabloid The Globe that following their son Jett's death in January, the couple's marriage has suffered and they are planning to get divorced.

However, Travolta's spokesperson told Gossip Cop that the rumors are completely untrue.

"This story is 100% false and could not be further from the truth," the representative said. "John and Kelly are very happily married.

"This is a very hurtful lie, concocted by people who are more interested in making a profit and less interested in telling the truth."

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