Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Spin Sycle for March 11 2011

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What's up Syclers!!  The wash is on the line!

Tony Danza is divorcing his wife of 24 years.  Sad.

Is it just me or is Christina Aguilera starting to look like Stevie Nicks?

Is Jesse James' tell all book going to expose Sandra Bullock as a lesbian?

Charlie Sheen admits it was all an act, so relax people. But was it Oscar material?  Oh and he's suing Warner Bros. just as he said he would.

Ashlee Simpson has a new man....who looks like a girl.  Of course she denies it.

Elisabeth Rohm bravely speaks about her IVF secret

Michelle Rodriguez says she is not a lesbian.....and I believe her.


BlindGossip – We know a lot about the phony relationships in Hollywood. But even we are occasionally surprised to discover how far the deception goes. This acting couple broke up a few years ago, but there was something odd about the reports that came out after the couple split.
The actress – who had usually been quite reluctant to discuss her private life – told people both that she was surprised by the split, and that she had sadly miscarried before the couple broke up.
We knew that the “surprised” part of that was untrue, as they had a contract that was expiring. But we just found out that the miscarriage comment was also untrue. It was part of the legal settlement, and was designed to make the public believe that the actor was both heterosexual and potent, neither of which is true.
*Spin's guess - Tom & Nicole*

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