Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spin Sycle Weekend Edition

Let's see what's on the line. Syclers!  Don't forget to donate to the Red Cross for Japan's earthquake and all the other disasters happening around the world.

Alec Baldwin needs to STFU and read some Hunter S Thompson.  He's clueless.

Charlie Sheen hires 24/7 security after a crazy asshat tries to get into his house

Mel Gibson pleads "no contest" to battery charges, will not serve time

Justin Timberlake finally makes public with his split from Jessica Biel.  Let the ZOMG BRITNEY & JUSTIN ARE TOTALLY GETTING BACK TOGETHER screams start now.

Victoria Beckham finally having the girl she always wanted.  Didn't I tell you this already?

If anybody cares, Scarlett Johansson is getting banged by that dirty looking, creepy Sean Penn

Beyonce wants to troll Lady Gaga, u mad Bey?

Here's a solved blind item for you:


BlindGossip – Everyone is an actor in this one (although some have multiple talents). Boy A and Girl A have been a fake couple for more than a year. Boy B and Girl B have been a real couple for many years.
Boy A and Girl B recently worked on a project together in which they were pretending to be a couple. Except that after a while they were not longer pretending. Boy A now regularly spends overnight sexy time at Girl B’s house. Girl A is annoyed, because – while her breakup with Boy A is inevitable – she has no control over him when they aren’t scheduled for a photo op. Boy B, on the other hand, is back home on the opposite coast and has no idea what’s going on.
Fake Couple BOY A and GIRL A: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Real Couple BOY B and GIRL B: Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis
Source: BG and Everywhere
Now that Justin’s big movie role in The Social Network and the Academy Awards are over, so is Justin and Jessica’s relationship. Yes, it was all PR, people! The two of them never even liked each other, but got a lot of publicity mileage out of their four-year relationship.
Macaulay and Mila were a real couple, but they broke up in December. This happened after Justin and Mila made a movie together and started taking their love scenes off screen as well as on-screen.

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