Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Spin Sycle Weekend Edition!

It's raining where I am, Syclers but maybe we can get the wash done!

One of Charlie Sheen's goddesses left his house.  Spoiler: Then she came back.
Charlie Sheen knows how to market himself.  He's crazy like a fox, with tiger blood.

Mariah Carey returning the money she received from Quaddaffi for performing for him.  Spin wants to know where exactly she's returning the money.

Trent Reznor to play a vampire?

This guy is 76 and is a porn star.  Awww yeah.

Lindsay Lohan refuses to take any deal with jail time involved.  We'll see how this goes.

I didn't know Wayne Brady had gotten divorced.

Needs Bleach:
Avril Lavigne engaged to Brody Jenner?

Bravos' next destination for Real Housewives: San Francisco.  Yes, teh gheys are invited.

See the new mansion Charlie Sheen bought.  seriously, a lot of bleach should be used to clean, and often.

NewYorkPost – Which A-list actors are members of the new Hollywood  clique? All have either married or dated high-profile women in Tinseltown.  *translation: it's a new gay clique where all the members have beards*

BlindGossip – During his radio show, Howard Stern and Robin Quivers discussed American Idol:
During their discussion… Howard told Robin that he knew why Jennifer Lopez took the judging gig — but he didn’t feel comfortable repeating it on the air. Robin demanded to know, so Howard scribbled the reason on a piece of paper and had Gary carry the note over. Robin was shocked: “Get out of here! Wow…that’s amazing.”
Why do you think Jennifer Lopez really took the gig on American Idol? *popular guess is that Skeletor Marc Anthony both physically and verbally abuses Jennifer Lopez...which is weird since she starred in that movie "Enough"*

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