Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Spin Sycle for Thursday May 26 2011

Are you beating the heat Syclers?  Let's see what's up:

Kim Kardashian found somebody stupid enough to get in on her attention whoring stunts.  Now comes with cheap ring attachment.  Is Pari$ite jealous?

Jenny McCarthy is still a dumb blonde

Madonna isn't looking her best and doesn't need you taking her picture, thankyouverymuch

The reclusive Ms. Huguette Clark has passed at 104.  Her story to me, is quite sad.

Needs Bleach
Birtney pulls a stunt like she did with Madonna and people still get pissed.  Lighten up, it's just publicity

Courtney Love is still batshit crazy

Crazy Days and Nights writes: "So, would you like to know who the father of January Jones' baby is? Well, he is married. Oh, he is foreign born. Has a best friend who was married to one of the biggest stars on the planet. Our baby daddy has his own kids. Oh, and he is married to a woman who was with a guy who is a really, really big a-hole and would probably creep you out if he asked you out."

Read more at ONTD:

best guess:  Matthew was born in England and is married to Claudia Schiffer, with whom he has 3 children. His best friend is Guy Ritchie, who was married to Madonna. The creepy guy his wife dated is David Copperfield

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