Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spin Sycle for Wednesday June 8 2011

What's up Syclers!!  Let's get to it!

Weiner hot dogged his wife, a baby is supposed to hold them together

Chris Evans bemoans that he's losing his hair

You won't believe Suri Cruise's shoe collection already.

A new Conan the Barbarian movie to be made.  No really, it'll be hot with that Dothraki guy from Game of Thrones

Kim K lied about something?  When has she ever...oh yeah, that's how she rolls.  So she's cheating on her fiance

Nic Cage's son under mental evaluation after meltdown.  He just got married too.

Needs Bleach
No Doubt getting back together?  oh please yes!!

See for yourself if Matthew McCoaughey is waltzing about commando

Don't forget to get your Tshirt!

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