Friday, December 23, 2011

Spin Sycle Holiday Weekend Edition

What's up, Syclers??  I just finished Holiday shopping and wrapping.  Done!  Time for a drink.  Here's what's happening:

First, a blind item:
[CDAN] This couple is an A list couple. It is tough to describe them without giving them away, but they are A list and they have kid(s). I will say that the female in the couple is an A list movie actress who would not touch television. She might not even watch television. Probably too good for it. The couple, with our actress being the main instigator in this has decided that they do not want to show off their child to the public. I am not saying they only have one child, but I am not saying they have more. I will say though this becomes very obvious when you know the answer. The couple chooses to not show off this child because it is a special needs child and the couple have chosen to let the child spend the majority of time with nannies and other people and is generally ignored by the parents. As I said, it is primarily because of the mother, although the father is complicit. He does not want the relationship to end so goes along with whatever his wife says.

*Spin's guess: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban....haven't really seen or heard much about that second baby*

Teen Mom Amber to spend Xmas in jail.  Dumbass.

Keep up the good fight, Ricky Gervais

Brad & Angie to make more babies?

Britney's ex Jason Alexander is still butthurt

Of course, the season wouldn't be complete without Suri Cruise's wish list from Santa.  HA!

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