Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spin Sycle Weekend Edition

If you observe, Happy Pesach!  Also if you observe, Happy Easter!

Kim K. and Kanye West are perfect for each other.  You can watch their egos fuck each other, what a sight.  This is what happens when attention whores fall in love. She was cheating with Kanye the whole time.

What this translates into is "I'll do porn for an enormous price."  Cuz we all know Octomom can be bought.

Wow, it's really been 18 years since Kurt Cobain died?

PUH- LEASE  Jennifer Aniston probably doesn't look that good in real life.  That is what I choose to believe.

Blind Item!
[BlindGossip] If they were on a singing competition show, you would call them a Male Vocal Group. We prefer the term Boy Band. The group’s image determines their commercial success, and each member of the group is assigned a particular sterotype (such as The Bad Boy or The Baby or The Nice One) so that the band will have the widest possible appeal.
There is a Boy Band consisting of beautiful young men that currently has young girls across the country screaming with admiration and desire. Their public image is wholesome. However, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that belies that image.
For example, there’s one member of the group whose moniker could be The Gay One. That’s right. Your teen daughter may be swooning right now over someone who isn’t even interested in her gender.
Oh, and there’s another member of the group who wouldn’t be interested in your daughter. His moniker could be… The Other Gay One.
Yes, that’s right, two gay young men in one popular group. (Although one does have a beard to maintain that desirable image). And here’s the most interesting part of all: the two boys are sleeping with each other.
Don’t tell your teen daughter. You don’t want her up all night crying because her mean parent destroyed her illusion. Besides, you eventually got over The Osmonds/ Menudo/ The Backstreet Boys, didn’t you?
*Spin's guess: One Direction*
you need to know the Awesomeness of Michael Penn and No Myth

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