Friday, February 22, 2013

Spin Sycle Weekend Edition

Hey Syclers, hope everything is going well for you and that you are enjoying life!!

Ron Jeremy is ready to get back to boning

Lindsay Lohan is desperate for $$$, PitBull is still ugly

Lourdes Leon is developing her own mind, doesn't want to do what mom Madonna wants.

Kim Kardashian is a fucking liar.  Know how I know?  Her mouth opens.
Oh Baby By Motherhood Pregnant Perfect Ruched Tee - Maternity (Google Affiliate Ad)

Just in time for the Oscars, here's what's in the $45k SWAG bags.  Do you know what I could do with $45,000.00?

[Blind Gossip] Either this celebrity couple either needs to work on their communication skills or they are mixing things up in a lab.
Allow us to explain. She wants to be pregnant. She wants it badly. She can’t wait to have kids with him. Specifically, she wants a girl (She has enough blue in her life, and wants a little pink to balance it out). She has been buying pregnancy tests and looking at cute girlie baby clothes and telling friends that she’s had several false alarms, but no luck just yet.
Umm… did her SO forget to tell her something? He may have “forgotten” to tell her that she may be doing a lot of guessing and planning and worrying for nothing. Why? Because he got a vasectomy after his last marriage!
Of course, there are other possibilities. He may have had the procedure reversed. Or, he may have put a little some some in the bank before the snip snip, and they are now tapping into that reserve in order to procreate. Or, they are relying on donor sperm.
We’ll know soon enough, because she is undergoing fertility treatments right now (even though she is not old), and “plans” on announcing a pregnancy before the summer starts.
OK first off, is LeAnn Rimes looking puffy these days?  Second, you do not have to be "OLD" to need fertility treatments.  There are plenty of women in their twenties with low ovarian reserve and the ovaries of a 50 year old, who have to have fertility treatments to have a baby.  SO sick of the ignorance of fertility.  EDUCATE YOURSELVES.

Here's some Cazette to enjoy over the weekend:

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