Friday, November 10, 2006

Things that make you go 'hmmmm'

Personally, I don't think they plan to ever get married....and it's so convenient that they can keep dragging this out...weren't they supposed to get married las summer?


off of handbag gossip:

TomKat wedding plans 'in doubt'
The romantic Italian wedding that Tom Cruise and his bride to be Katie Holmes are said to have set their hearts on may be under threat after local officials revealed that the couple have not completed the necessary paperwork for the ceremony.

Italian newspaper Il Messaggero reported earlier this week that the Hollywood couple were planning to conduct their forthcoming nuptials at a medieval castle on the edge of Lake Bracciano, north west of Rome.

An electrician in the town of Bracciano subsequently told Italian television that he had been ordered to rewire part of Castello Odescalchi by the castle's owners ahead of a union between Cruise and Holmes.

Meanwhile, Il Messaggero claimed that the couple planned to exchange vows in a traditional Catholic ceremony on November 17th, in recognition of Holmes' religious background, followed a day later by a ceremony conducted by the Church of Scientology, of which Cruise is a high-profile member.

But with the venue for the couple's nuptials yet to be confirmed, local officials in Bracciano have warned that such a ceremony at the castle would prove to be a 'mission impossible' for Cruise and his fiancé.

Local mayor Patrizia Riccioni told the Reuters news agency that while she would like the wedding to take place in the area, the couple had not submitted the necessary papers to make such a ceremony legal.

"I don't think it will be legal," she said.

"On an Italian level, there are papers and documents that we certainly don't have."

Meanwhile, local Catholic priest Nicola Fiorentini is reported as saying: "Cruise is divorced. Even if he were not, another fundamental requirement would be missing - the authorisation of the parish."

Cruise and Holmes, who have a baby daughter Suri, announced last month that they would wed in Italy on November 18th, with the bride set to wear a Giorgio Armani-designed gown.

With further details of the bid day remaining a closely guarded secret, if Cruises' supposed spending habits are anything to go by, the wedding is likely to be a lavish affair.

Press reports earlier this week claimed that the actor had splashed out $10,000 on a steak dinner for Holmes at a Beverly Hills steakhouse.

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