Saturday, November 11, 2006

More FedEx sleeziness!

This just gets better and better! Click on headline to see his crappy video. Hell, Log into myspace and tell him what you think too!


all off of ONTD:

while searching myspace videos for kfed, i came across this video of kevin smoking weed, getting his blaccent on, rehearsing for his 'tour', and just being the douche that he is.

lol @ how gangster he thinks he is. and him talking about how amazing it is to be rich and live in a mansion and not have to 'work at pizza hut anymore'. britney should grab a copy of this video and show it to the judge when kfed asks for sole custody of the children. how did she stay married to this idiot for 2 years?

by the way, this video was actually uploaded by HIM, on his official myspace.


- WAS Kevin Federline's wild romp at Marquee the last straw for soon-to-be ex-wife Britney Spears? Word of the divorce didn't hit him via text message until Monday night, but last weekend the "rapper" was geared up for the single life. Spies say Federline showed up with his posse at the Tenth Avenue hot spot Saturday night wearing a white track suit and Yankees cap. After a failed attempt to crash Sean Combs' birthday party, the crew drank Jack Daniel's in a corner spot all night with a group of girls danc ing and flirting. They stayed until 4 a.m., shutting the place down, and then invited the girls back for "a private after-party."

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