Friday, November 10, 2006

Too Funny to not post

Paris & Lindsay feud back on! And yeah, Lindsay is becoming a total smackhead! Click on headline to see Lindsay call Paris a cunt!


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Uh-oh. Guys have come in between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton again. Lindsay was recently filmed by TMZ calling Paris a very nasty "c" word as she left the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. According to several sources, the reason for Lindsay's outburst was Paris's relationships with Stavros Niarchos and Lindsay's ex, Harry Morton.

The feud between Lindsay and Paris was re-ignited when both girls went to Hyde. According to a source for Perez Hilton, "Paris was chatting with Harry Morton. They're friends and have known each other for years. And, Lohan is an obsessive control freak and super jealous. Even though she's no longer dating Harry she lost it when she came into Hyde and saw Paris and Harry chatting. She screamed at them and then stormed out!" Another witness confirmed the story to London's Daily Mail and said, "Lindsay can be a tad obsessive and sometimes her jealousy spirals out of control."

Lindsay's anger only grew when she was dismissed by Paris and Stavros at the Roosevelt the night of her outburst. Says a Daily Mail tattler, "Paris was hanging out with Stavros Niarchos. They have this on/off relationship but this night it was very much on. Lindsay has also had some history with Stav. When she saw him making out with Paris she stormed over and screamed at Paris. Stavros was so upset and he screamed back at Lohan, 'F*** off ! Get away from us, you loser!'"

Being rebuffed by Stavros was a big blow to Lindsay's ego, causing her to making the nasty statement about Paris to the paparazzi. Seconds later, however, Lindsay was denying she ever made the comment and saying, "Paris is my friend." Our main question is: if Stavros is the one who cursed at Lindsay, how come he didn't get a share of her badmouthing? has video of the incident.

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