Wednesday, November 8, 2006

This guy is a wannabe wigga!

Sorry for no pics, blogger is once again being a bitch. By the by, my dealer and I have a bet, tell me your take: I say they're split, this is it, she's done with dealer says she's a dumb country girl and will take him back, he'll beg & she'll fall for it. What do you think?

Click on the headline to see an exclusive interview Kfool had with MuchMusic in canada, where he recieves the text message from Brit saying it's over!

I've compiled this from a few different sources, like, and ONTD:


Britney Spears told husband of two years Kevin Federline that she was divorcing him via a text message while he was recording a TV interview.

The 24-year-old singer decided it was all over on Monday after a very tempestuous marriage and sent a message to Kevin's BlackBerry telling him exactly that.

The wannabe rapper, 27, was filming a segment for MuchMusic in Canada at the time. He interrupted the interview and stormed off, returning 30 minutes later visibly upset.
While the mother of two, who looks amazing after giving birth just eight weeks ago, was filing divorce papers at the Los Angeles superior court citing "irreconcilable differences", Kevin was gushing about his "supportive-wife" and how much he loved his family. The whole incident has been caught on video.

The news of the split broke a day after Britney appeared on the David Letterman show in America showing off her new toned figure and bobbed haircut. She didn't mention the break-up but there have been numerous reports since June that the marriage was in trouble.
Just last week the pop princess had a furious Halloween bust-up with K-Fed, and she was overheard screaming: "You're useless - you're nobody," at him at the nightclub launch of his own rap album.

Federline, her former backing dancer, was later seen crouched in a corner crying. He then spent last weekend in New York plugging his debut album, before heading to Canada on Monday.
The couple, who married in September 2004 after dating for three months, had arranged to meet in New York but Kevin checked into a separate hotel, leaving Britney with their two sons, Sean Preston, one, and two-month-old Jayden James.

She was later seen in tears as she exchanged angry words with her husband on her mobile phone. He is believed to have stood her up, preferring to hit the town with five friends instead.
This was the last straw for Britney, who has asked that the couples' assets -including "jewellery and other personal effects", and "earnings and accumulations from and after the date of separation" - are confirmed as "separate" property.

But she came out of hiding last night and embarked on a two-hour tour of New York's tourist attractions in a bid to show she is getting over the split.

When asked how she was coping with the divorce she replied: "I'm doing OK." She looked like she didn't have a care in the world as she went to the famous ice rink at the city's Rockefeller Center with her former manager Larry Rudolph.

Britney fired Mr Rudolph, who was responsible for making her a star, a few years ago but it looks as if he may have a hand in her new album Fears Within, which is due out next summer.
This will be Britney's second divorce. She wed childhood friend Jason Alexander in January 2004 in Las Vegas. The marriage was annulled two days later.

And he won't get half her fortune
Kevin federline can forget getting his hands on Britney's wealth. The singer is worth more than £65 million but most of that money is safe as the couple had a prenup agreement.
The £4 million Malibu mansion, currently home to Britney, and sometimes to Federline, will be divided 50/50.

Any gift worth more than $10,000 (£5,200) the couple have given each other will go back to the original purchaser.

This includes a custombuilt motorcycle Britney gave her husband for
Christmas two years ago.


TMZ has learned Kevin Federline may fight Britney Spears for custody of his children. Federline has not had much time to react to Spears' decision to end the marriage, and that's because she didn't tell him in advance that she was filing for divorce. Federline was caught flatfooted when TMZ broke the story Tuesday that Britney filed legal papers in L.A. County Superior Court.

Federline almost certainly cannot challenge the prenup. Sources say hotshot divorce lawyer Laura Wasser drafted an air-tight prenuptial agreement before the couple married. So Federline's only chance of cashing in is by mounting an ugly custody fight, trying to force a more lucrative settlement. But friends of Spears say Britney will fight a holy war to prevent Federline from getting custody and, given his track record -- or lack of it -- with the kids, it would appear Spears has the clear advantage.


Just before Britney filed for divorce, Kevin Federline talked to Salon about how he "would've probably blown up huge by now" if he had never married, and why her fans would rather she was with an "all-American boy."

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