Saturday, November 10, 2007

And this made me LOL on so many levels!!!

from gossip rocks and well, duh!:

MSNBC contributors updated 7:22 a.m. CT, Wed., Nov. 7, 2007

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seem inseparable as they make the rounds promoting his new film, “Lions for Lambs,” but Life & Style reports that Hollywood’s power couple isn’t always attached at the hip. In fact, an insider tells the magazine they don’t even share the same bed.

“There are plenty of times when they have a romantic evening together, and then go their separate ways when it’s time to turn out the lights,” the source says. “Katie complains that Tom snores like a bear, and he likes to stay up late reading.”

A rep for the twosome told L&S that there’s no truth to the not-so-close quarters claim, but the source insists, “When it comes to bedtime, (Tom and Katie) love their time apart.”Could it be that Tom’s snoring isn’t really what’s driving a wedge in the marital bed?

According to Star, jealousy recently reared it’s ugly head in the previously rock solid union.“Katie has never been a jealous wife,” a friend of the couple told Star. “But she now seems to feel that she has a reason to worry.”

“Tom has grown more and more secretive over the last year, and while Katie knows he’s a magnet for other women, she’s heard whispers about him getting uncomfortably close to some.” The source added, “It’s getting to the point where Katie appears so insecure that she doesn’t want to leave his side.”

Well, except at night.


Is Katie sure it isn't other men he's after? And of course their reps will deny it! That's what they are paid to do!

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