Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some Quickies to start your day!

Lindsay Lohan is to take a lead from Posh Spice and appear in Ugly Betty, according to an insider on the set of the hit show. Lindsay – who, in case you’d forgotten, is an actress - is in “serious talks” to take on the role of a fallen beauty queen, who also happens to work as assistant manager in the same fast food joint as Betty’s dad. If she takes the part, we’d want to be a fly on the wall when she meets star America Ferrera. Appearing on TRL last month, Ferrera said, “Hollywood’s out-of-control young things should stop partying and get a job!”

Fabio’s manager has explained how the himbo model came to blows with George Clooney in Madeo in Hollywood last week. “George is lucky he didn’t end up in the ER,” he punned. Apparently tempers flared after George complained to Fabio, claiming a photographer eating with the model was taking pictures of him. Fabio is reported to have called him a “diva” before waiters had to split them up. Reports that screams of, “Not the face!” were heard are unconfirmed.

Michael Lohan, who’s in the news nearly as much as his daughter Lindsay these days, has denied claims he’s hawking a reality TV show of his life around the US networks. “I am definitely not looking for my own reality show. That’s Dina’s thing and I’ve got my own thing,” he explained, continuing, “That tape was pirated from me and then spliced together with a title that made it look like some show I was putting together.” But Burt Kearn of Frozen Pictures, the producer of the tape disagrees. “Michael is lying,” he claimed, before adding. “Michael’s been in pitch meetings with the tape. The show has been documented.” Wow – if you didn’t know you’d swear they were talking about something important!

Robert De Niro had just finished giving a lecture at the National Film Theatre in the 1980s but seemed unhappy, insisting on asking every few minutes whether The Clash had been invited and when they would be turning up. He was obviously just a huge fan, and there's nothing wrong with that.
Eventually, the hosts began to tire of his "Are they nearly here yet?" questions when after two hours he was still scanning the door, looking at his watch and sweating profusely.
When eventually a 'tired' looking Paul Simonon tottered through the door, De Niro gave a huge whoop of delight and grabbed the bassist. He then dragged Simonon off to the toilets and both emerged several minutes later looking much more relaxed, if a little energised.

One mole is a part-time roadie and was forced to use his own van to drive Pete Doherty and his equipment (guitar case, syringes and cases of Zovirax) to a recording studio recently.
Man of the people Pete insisted on sitting up front with the driver like an excited child, then threw a hissy fit after the mole told him that he couldn't smoke his crack pipe. Despite the mole's warning, Doherty continued to play with the pipe and edge his lighter towards it surreptitiously.
Eventually, the mole lost patience, pulled over and threatened to eject the bloated slug, before asking:
"Listen, you're clearly not an uneducated man. You're bright. So tell me, why are you such a cunt?"
Oddly, Britain's premier wordsmith was lost for words and spent the rest of the journey staring out of the window and sighing noisily like a teenager denied internet access for a week.
The attitude of the fattest heroin addict in the world worsened when he arrived at the recording studio and was denied access until he paid the massive bill for the damage he'd caused on his previous visit.

When Matt Dillon was growing up, the family pet was an Alsatian called Hitler.

*sources from handbag gossip, holy moly! I just added the Britney bad weave pics cuz....well, I could and OMG look at that hair, I'd shave my head again if I were her! Who the hell is doing her hair?

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