Friday, November 9, 2007

The Crazy is worried...

and he should be

By Courtney Hazlett
The Scoop

It seemed curious that Katie Holmes was in heels and promoting hubby
Tom Cruise’s new movie, “Lions for Lambs,” just hours after she ran the NYC marathon, but as it turns out, there’s a good explanation.

“Tom is extremely worried about his new movie,” one insider tells me. In other words, not only does his better half have to pull her weight to help promote the flick, but so does every Scientologist who’s ever uttered Xenu’s name. (Cruise’s rep counters predictably: “Mr. Cruise is not nervous about the release of his film.”) “Lions” is the poorest-tracking Tom Cruise flick ever made, according to reports, and if it tanks, as many insiders predict it will, Cruise could have an uphill battle when it comes to raising money for future flicks.

“In this business, appearances are everything. This is Tom’s first film under his resurrected United Artists studio,” says a source, “and he’s worried about how the industry will view him [if the film does poorly]. This has to be a home run, and it isn’t looking good.”

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